World Servers’ Meetings

These meetings are held for Energymental practitioners of the 2nd and 3rd level. Their purpose is to apply healing practices on cases, doing self-healing, meditation, planetary service and also to be offered new material, so that the knowledge is continuous and keeps expanding. The meetings last for 3 hours once or twice a month and are divided into the ones of the 2nd level and the 3rd level, so that the more advanced students can also work on their material.

The practitioners always long for a meeting not only for doing practice but also for the union with people with common interests, experiencing at the same time a spiritual family.

One’s spiritual family is the second in priority after the personal family and that is because in this way we are given the chance to unite different families forming a society with a common purpose: service.

Service and offering is the way to experience a better life transferring the spiritual values to the world around us.

The World Server’s Meetings do not have to do with an order, a cult or whatever some would imagine, they are meetings of people who want to practice, share, help, rest, be aligned and be cut off from the daily burdens that hinder the awareness of who we are.

Meet the beating heart