Energymental Healing consists of many seminars and levels in order for the knowledge to be properly transmitted and for the aspiring healers to be properly prepared.

The material of Energymental Healing broadens the mental horizons in an intense and awakening way.

The materialistic life gives its place to a more deep, spiritual and metaphysical life changing the way of thinking, which in turn magnetizes the change in everyone’s life.


The aspiring healer must experience the stage of purification to get ready to deal with patients.

Energymental healing is a path to a total transformation of one’s life… which means that some decisions must be taken.

The decision – responsibility of the practitioner is to be disciplined, since this is the fundamental virtue needed for the art of healing.

Mental, emotional, physical discipline.

For mental and emotional discipline Energymental Healing gives the strength and the supplies needed. The practitioner though, must take place seriously concerning the use of the physical body in order to stop its straining.

There are many beginners who really want to go on but their body reacts intensely and they cannot stand the high frequency and dynamics of the Teachings.

It like trying to run without having muscles.

The source of the Rays, which the healer channels, is very powerful, so the bodies of the healer must be purified and strong in order to be able to bring change to his patients.

In order for the power of energy healing to be manifested and be widely accepted, hard-working, disciplined healers with good personality must be chosen, so that they have the patience and the zeal needed, to study and apply what they have been taught and become professionals.

The purpose of Energymental Healing is to prove that it is the fastest and most powerful natural method of healing regardless of the condition of the patient.

To those who have already come into contact with Energymental Healing the words revolutionary healing, a new way of life, a Blessing of the new era do not sound extreme. Energymental healing cannot be promoted like teachings that have an ending. During this process one does not just go on, one goes deeper and deeper and deepens so much that experiences it like a non ending process. This is because there are levels of purification, understanding and absorption of the Teachings. To be a good healer one needs to have a wide range of knowledge and this is something that Energymental Healing offers.

Nowadays, the western people are offered systems and techniques with no limitations, rules or contraindications. In the beginning, in the name of the awakening and the enhancement of the health system this looked like a good idea. Though, as not everybody can become a doctor, a politician or a sailor, in the same way not everybody can become a healer. Every occupation goes with the respective way of life so the aspiring healer should think if it is compatible with the way of life one would like to follow.

A healer must be able to inspire even the researchers and doctors through his inner knowledge, his perfect health and his ethics.

Energymental Healing was founded by Malamatenia Kaintatzi through the voice of Master Hilarion. Other Masters and much inner knowledge helped to the creation of Energymental Healing and this could not have happened in another way since many Great Masters have given wisdom on our planet.



E N E R G Y M E N T A L  H E A L I N G  S E M I N A R S


  • The Flowering of the 12Petal
  • Higher Self the Reunion
  • Angel Frequency 1
  • The Quintessence of Hygeia
  • Energymental Prosperity


  • 7 Rays & the Masters
  • The Sacred Scarab
  • Energymental Diagnostics 1
  • Angel Frequency 2
  • Energymental Nutrition
  • Platonic Solids Activation


  • Energymental Diagnostics 2
  • Energymental Therapeutics
  • The Art of Clairvoyance
  • Soul Talisman
  • Energymental Logotherapy


  • Group Instructor Training
  • Trainer’s training


  • Teacher Training

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