Energymental Healing is a multidimensional healing art that combines Psychology and Spiritual analysis of health problems and life issues with healing through the Magnetic field of the healer to the patient.

The energy source the Healer is connected with are the 7 Cosmic Rays which are the energies that compose everything. The 7 Cosmic Rays are forces we can connect with for the healing of the mind, the body and our life sectors.

Energymental Healing is effective for all health problems and the Healer follows a specific therapy plan depending on the condition. The healing is expressed on the glands, organs, nervous system and senses. Along with the physical body, the patient also receives healing on his magnetic field in order for his mental and emotional behaviour to change. The results are miraculous and even in severe conditions, patients have a very different attitude after a session of Energymental Healing. The patient receives answers to many questions such as: ”Why me? What should I change? What does it want to tell me?” adopting an attitude of caring for themselves and accepting the conflict. The knowledge of the source of the illness is liberating and this awareness gives the patient happiness and courage to deal with it a friendly and patient way.