If the key of immortality lies somewhere, is in the mastering of the senses.

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    Energymental Healing Level 2

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    Saturday  13/11   5:00pm – 8:00pm

    Saturday 20/11   5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Saturday  27/11  5:00pm – 8:00pm

    Saturday  4/12   5
    :00 pm – 8:00 pm


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    Sunday     18/12   5:00 pm – 8:00 pm


    Hilarion Healing and Research (6 Kokkinaki st, Kifisia)

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The Therapy

The Therapy of the Senses and glands is a pioneering method offered only by Hilarion Healing and Research center, the only place where in can be taught. We live in the world of senses and for many people this is the only world. The senses are connected with emotions that are the result of the recordings of every sensory organ. You may have heard of other practices that relieve the senses but not all the senses. In the therapy of the senses there is clearing and healing of the damages of some areas of the body (endocrine system, sensor organs etc), of the function of the brain, or the personality of the individual. Many people choose to live ”without seeing, hearing or speaking” making all their senses weak and the brain malfunctions.

The method of the Sacred Scarab is the only one in the field of Energy Healing and creates the conditions needed for mental expansion by healing the senses.

To understand deeply how we can heal the senses, without being misunderstood that we just deal with the sensor organs, a simple analysis of these organs will help. What they are and which is their usage:

The sensor organs are not made just to execute orders and create stimuli… these organs are internal and external gates!

Having understood that they receive internal and external stimuli that end up to the brain as data – memory files, then obviously the senses are very important for successful healing.

If we do not put emphasis on the mental recordings through the sensor organs, we cannot easily get to the tendency of the brain to produce negative stimuli resulting in the fading of vitality and deterioration of the whole immune system.

The senses have multi-dimensional function and this is what we analyze and comprehend in the seminar of the Sacred Scarab.

In our times, all the sensor organs are polluted to the greatest possible extend, the images, sounds, tastes and touchings are negative recordings unpleasant to the nervous system and the brain.

The healing of the senses is at the same time healing of the glands, organs and energy centers and in general, areas that have undergone damage from the dynamics of the memory that is active in the area of the damage sending help signals!

The awakening of the senses is also the aim of healing when somebody has been through a lot of pressure and some of his senses need to be deconstructed to achieve normal function of the body and normal behavior of the individual. Usually, after healing there is much information transmitted to the healer about the experiences and the malfunctions of some parts of the body.

The name of this method is inspired from the Ancient Egypt and especially Luxor which is also the place of the conception of the material.

It really came to bless the man with independence in all sectors, so as to be able to awaken the Energetic Mind, which is necessary for every individual regardless their age or occupation.

Thus the Healer can also offer consulting so that the patient can understand the reason of his conflict and how this can change.

The healing of the senses concerns all ages, even infants, especially if we want to help them adapt in the new world, and gradually during the development of their senses we can achieve stronger harmonious function of the nervous system and sensor organs.

Students (memory, concentration) and children with difficulty in understanding the world experience the healing of the senses as a shelter to express their blockages before, during and after the healing.

In the other edge of human existence, the one of transition, the healing through the Sacred Scarab will help the dying ones to detach from the world of the senses and get ready for the more Spiritual and Divine world without fear but with happiness and acceptance.

The Seminar

Master Serapis Bey prepares us by awakening our physical senses in a unique authentic way.

The target of this Seminar is to upgrade the perception and knowledge of the disciple regarding the function of the senses in a multidimensional way.

The practice and the techniques given are bound to transform and upgrade even some basic functions of the body.

If the key of immortality lies somewhere is in the mastering of the senses. The Sacred Scarab is a path from the unstable and vulnerable point of detachment to the point of the ascent to safe levels, heading steadily towards the Enlightenment.

The Egyptian nature of Serapis Bey reveals the mysteries and secrets to the chosen ones who have previously been tested for their stability and loyalty, service and inner catharsis.


  • Catharsis – mastering- awakening of senses
  • Feelings and senses
  • The 4 elements of breath
  • Activation of senses in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension
  • Sight – Clairvoyance
  • Hearing – Clair audience
  • Olfaction- Clairol faction
  • Touch – Crairtouch
  • Taste – neutralization
  • Spiritual Energy nutrition


  • The 7 Rays and the Purity of the senses
  • Initiation of senses with the Sacred Scarab
  • Purification – liberation from dependencies
  • Universal fluids
  • Exercises – practice
  • Awakening of the 6th sense
  • The Scepter of Serapis
  • Portal of Earth and Heaven
  • Astral Planetary Service of Liberation


Those who have not attended the 7 Rays and the Masters may attend this seminar provided that they have a preliminary personal meeting..