The Art of Clairvoyance

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    Energymental Healing Level 3

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    Place :
    Hilarion Healing and Research (6 Kokkinaki st, Kifisia)

    Info & booking: (0030)211 4019724, 6934531919.

General Information

The Art of Clairvoyance ® is an experiential Energymental Healing seminar that aims at awakening the clairvoyance ability of the trainee.

Due to the nature of this seminar, previous knowledge and experience on energy, chakras, energy bodies etc is desirable in order to assure that there will not be any difficulty during practice.

We penetrate into the function of our physical body concerning the ability to see using our physical eyes (either open or close), into metaphysical phenomena and intangible worlds.

Regardless if our purpose is to go deeper into therapy, or just to make research this seminar aims at leading us to the true vision of things and is an antidote to what we call delusion, illusion and deception in our life and in our whole existence as well.

Having attended the Sacred Scarab is advisable.


The curriculum is:

  • Theoretical analysis of the terms: Clairvoyance – initiation.
  • Symbol of energizing
  • Analysis of the types of clairvoyance
  • Associated energy centers (chakras)
  • Energizing points
  • Self-healing points for our preparation and preparation of our place
  • Protection technique
  • Practice, Exercises, Material for personal work
  • Meditation
  • Crystals and Clairvoyance

2day seminar

Certificate of attendance is given for all the Energymental Healing Seminars.