The purpose of Energymental Diagnostics , especially 1st level, aims to provide the aspirant professional healer with the basics and data that will make the diagnosis and the consulting in the end of the healing session easier. Thus, the patient will not have low understanding about his healing course and how he/she can cooperate with the healer.

Energymental diagnostics is not fortune telling, something that is not encouraged by Hilarion healing center whatsoever. It is a scientific clear energy picture that the healer can pick up by using many ways and a lot of knowledge. Also the experience that the healer gains through the practices provided by Hilarion healing centre reinforce the diagnostic result.

  • Seminar Type :
    Energymental Healing Level 2

    Date : Saturday 7 November time 10:00am – 3:00pm

    Place :
    Hilarion Healing and Research (6 Kokkinaki st, Kifisia)

    Info & booking: (0030)211 4019724, 6934531919.

General Information

The 1st level of Diagnostics is targeted to new students of Hilarion center who wish to get familiar with and practice Energymental Healing, thus, get ready for the advanced level. When having completed the 1st level of Energymental Diagnostics, one is able to gather a lot of external and internal information even from the first contact with the patient.


-The energy centers all over the world:

Ancient Greece
American Indians

– The Energy Centers in Energymental Healing System (18 centers)

– Practice -training on how to receive patient’s history

– Choice of healing practices during a focused session.

– Consulting – guidance after the session.

– Archiving- statistics.

Duration 5 hours

Preconditions for the 1st level:

  • The Flowering of the 12Petal
  • Higher Self the Reunion
  • The Quintessence of Hygeia
  • The 7 Rays and the Masters
  • The Sacred Scarab