Alexandra Gioukaki

When working on Energymental Healing System the whole map of your life is unfolded. Energymental Healing is the bridge to become one with your soul, you enter a process of purification and self – development. You understand that negative thoughts, regarded to be innocent and harmless by many people, affect your energy field, your body and health.

Energymental Healing Seminars, Therapies and Meditations lead you to personal maturity, to inner changes and to answers to things that happened in your life. That’s because Energymental Healing goes straight to the root of the problem, which is the cause of the manifested result, helping you find a permanent solution whether it has to do with health or psychology.

Through Energymental Healing we not only form our own reality, but also affect the reality of others close to us. It is not an easy path but it is definitely worth it. And most importantly, the purpose of Energymental Healing is to make us better people, people with understanding, love and compassion.

How are we going to change the world if we do not change ourselves first?