Energymental Seminars are based on the subtlety of the senses of the participants so that they can be able to feel the subtle vibrations of the energy field. To achieve this successfully, a participant must follow some simple rules. These rules have been tested  and applied by almost all the wise ones of the planet and can provide a practitioner with a great boost. That is why these rules should not be regarded as restrictions or obstacles, but as a leap that upgrades the healers and provides them with great health benefits.

The basic rule is that the practitioner, if he wants to become a healer, has to purify his bodies starting with the physical body. He must get rid of addictions that burden and infect the body, such as smoking, alcohol, and psychiatric drugs. The heavy energy burden will hinder not only the practitioner himself but also the group during meditations and team work (world servers meetings). Heavy energies are always an obstacle to the perception of the higher and subtler ones.

Although addictions are a form of illness, the addicted one – patient is responsible for the limitations caused by his addiction or illness.

These limitations also apply for the training of a professional healer. The responsibility of the aspiring healer is to discipline himself ,since discipline is the fundamental virtue in the art of healing. Mental, emotional, physical discipline. For mental and emotional discipline Energymental healing provides us with dynamic tools, but one has to firmly decide to stop abusing his physical body.

Sometimes there are beginners who really want to continue but their body reacts with tension, they cannot stand the high frequency and the dynamics of the Teachings. It is like trying to run without having muscles.

The source of the Rays that an Energymental Healer channels is very powerful and the bodies of the healer must be purified and strong  in order to be able to bring changes to his patients. This also helps us understand the damage that can inflicted on energy healing itself when it is applied by unsuited people. The common belief that energy healing does not work, is created by incompetent opportunists who are not devoted to healing.

In general, for the shorter seminars that are regarded to be preliminary there is no precondition. However, the participants must inform us about serious health problems and addictions.

For the seminar ”The 7 Rays and the Masters” it is necessary to refrain from meat eating, at least during the 8 week that it lasts, but if the practitioner cannot make it, he must drop out from the seminar. Vegetarianism must be continued if the practitioner is interested in taking part in the ”World Servers Meetings” after having attended the seminar.

The hesitation of some participants to decide to become vegetarians comes to great surprise compared with their enthusiasm at the end of the seminar. Everybody admits that the experiences they have from this seminar cannot be compared with the pleasure of eating meat. If you are reading this lines and are interested in entering the world of Energymental Healing do not hesitate to take this decision. Such decisions are that change our life to the better.

For the benefits of vegetarianism click here.

Smoking must also be cut out. If the participant finds difficulty in quitting smoking while he really wants to, he can ask for help and receive some Energymental Healing sessions in order to make it. There are always healers willing to help! The decision though is something personal… as soon as it is taken the healers will appear, do not waste any time!

In cases of drug abuse, hypnotics and psychiatric drugs the Instructor must be informed. To attend the seminar 7 Rays and the Masters one must refrain from any chemical drug abuse and also have healed his problem. In such cases, Therapy proceeds Training. The combination of high energy vibrations with the use of narcotics and chemical drugs could damage the nervous system of the practitioner and also have a negative effect on the rest on the participants.

For the advanced seminars of the 2nd level and on, the participant must have definitively chosen his path and have removed anything that could burden his body and hinder his evolution.

According to the research of Great Masters of the past and also of modern scientists, there has been ascertained that if one wants to evolve in the world of energy and meditation, he has to follow these rules that not only will give him the boost needed but will also protect him from any misfortunes and karmic accelerations. In Energymental Healing we follow these safe guidelines to avoid unpleasant tension, forced energy clearing and other complications.


Wise Masters and Vegetarianism


Let us remember the words of the wise ones about vegetarianism…


Pythagoras: «As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love»


Plato:« they must have a relish-salt, and olives, and cheese, and they will boil roots and herbs such as country people prepare; for a dessert we shall give them figs, and peas, and beans; and they will roast myrtle-berries and acorns at the fire, drinking in moderation. And with such a diet they may be expected to live in peace and health to a good old age, and bequeath a similar life to their children after them.»


Pythagoras and Plutarch firmly believed that meat eating must be abolished. We also know that many other philosophers were vegetarian such as: Socrates, Diogenes, Heraclitus, Aristotle, Thalis, Apollonius Tyaneus and Hippocrates. Epicurus fastened very often and many others. We also know from Hippocrates and Iliad that our wise ancestors used vegetarianism as a means of  prevention and therapy…

Steady steps with the suitable supplies lead to steady evolution.

The way opens when the path opens!

Famous Vegetarians

Philosophers, Spiritual Leaders
Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda, Jesus Christ and the first Christians, Confucius, Shakyamuni Buddha, Laozi, St Francis of Assisi (Italian Christian Saint), This Nat Han (Vietnamese Buddhist monk, writer), Maharishi Mahesh yogi, Leon Tolstoi (Russian philosopher),  Zarathustra (Iranian – Founder of Zoroastrianism) etc.
Writers, Artists & Painters
Leonardo da Vinci, Ralph Emerson (Amer, essayist & poet), Bernard Shaw (Irish Writer), John Robbins (American Writer), Mark Twain (Amateur Writer), Albert Schweizer (German Philosopher, – author), Voltaire (French writer), etc.
Scientists, Inventors, Engineers
Karl Darwin (British Physicist), Albert Einstein (German Scientist), Thomas Edison (American Scientist / Inventor), Isaac Newton (British Scientist), Nicholas Telsa (Serbian American Scientist / Inventor), Henry Ford (founder of Ford Mechanics) etc.