Personal Evolution


Since the moment we are born, in most cases, the image of ourselves is built by alien projections, alien impressions, alien social models. Our personality, trying to become pleasant and acceptable for others, keeps adding new veils covering our authentic human nature. As a result, we remain individuals, not human beings. When our personality takes control, it hinders the manifestation of the higher human intelligence – that comes from higher spheres- where our true virtues lie, together with our talents and our unique distinct qualities.

The purpose of Energymental Healing, as a journey to self-awareness, is to remove these veils, the alien mental projections and thought forms that literally drain our energy and prevent us from accessing our infinite potential. The practice of Energymental Healing leads to the revelation, development and gradual dominance of this higher intelligence that underlies in all of us.

From the moment we enter this path, the positive changes in our life are continuous and followed by development and progress in every life sector. The Energetic Mind when awake knows…spots the right choices, the right people, the right places, the right moments… So this means that we cannot make mistakes and engage in negative situations. The Energetic Mind is the one that makes no mistakes, just draws a teaching out of every negative situation as if it were a chance of evolution.

With Energymental Healing the radical change of our perception of everything around us, lead to a new life, full of opportunities. We learn how to take control of a great part of life creating our reality through the rules of energy and meditation.

Being inspired by the legacy of the Great Wise ones, Energymental Healing provides those who feel ready to reveal their higher human nature with all the tools needed. Seminars such as Higher Self the Reunion, The Flowering of the 12petal, Energymental Prosperity may seem short, but bring radical changes in our lives. The invaluable benefits acquired from the longer Energymental Seminars can be confirmed by the participants, who apart the healer title they get, they most importantly have gained  the miraculous experience of profound healing of themselves..




Human nature means constant ascending course!