Some people are born with the Divine flame dominant, giving them a mission and not a simple life focused on personal achievements. Some were born for the awakening and healing of others. That is how those that today we call Saints, Masters, Ascended or White Brotherhood are defined to serve the pure Divine Light.

Master Hilarion is one of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. This name is known from his latest incarnation as a monk in Palestine, miraculous healer who was closely associated with Saint Antonio. In the process, the Christian church recognized him as Saint Hilarion the Great, celebrated on October 21. Going back in time, in his previous incarnations he lived in the body of Iamblichus and Apostle Paul. To avoid any readers’ confusion about incarnations, it is more easily conceivable if we say that a Master can use a mortal’s body to continue God’s Work and thus many times we can find Apostole Paul’s words among St Hilarion’s words  or Iamblichus’s words among Hilarion’s ones. The confirmation of this information comes from the Masters themselves when they choose to reveal, to some people with common cause the transmission of awakening and Healing, their role in every form they choose to teach.

All the wise ones, ascend in terms of hierarchy as time goes by, thus Hilarion during his last emanation received the 6th initiation and is now ‘Lord’ of the 5th Ray that represents the technology and science of healing. In his latest incarnation took the sixth initiation and is now a ‘Lord’ (Chohan) of the fifth Cosmic Ray that represents the technology and science of healing. He gives inspiration for every invention, innovation and technological evolution on the planet and is also a mentor for many open receivers that communicate through channeling. His etheric octave is over the Greek island of Crete.

Master Hilarion communicates with people when they need guidance, healing, when they have lost their faith after a big shock and with all those who implement treatment while researching and studying the evolution of human health. He also helps those who need to open their third eye so they can see the truth in them and around them. The connection with Archangel Raphael and Christ indicates his close relationship with Healing. He is also related to fine arts and music as far as they concern healing. His contact and guidance enables us to receive important information about the wholeness and ourselves. He generously shares his Love and Wisdom while communicating with him.

The most important thing he does for us, the mortals, is to fill our heart with love and warmth for every living being, but first of all for ourselves. Although Reiki has its own quality of energy-ray, if it is necessary to intervene during a healing session and His special ”Touch” is required, Master Hilarion grounds or better merges his special Vibration. When this happens we simply experience the Greatness of the Creator’s Love through the Healing Flame of Master Hilarion.

In Hilarion’s small Ashram in Kifisia, Energymental Healing has been grounded through the 7 Rays which is a revelation and will bring radical change to the field of Healing and the Science of Metaphysics or as Iamblichus used to call it Theurgy.

The word Metaphysics tends to be the science of creation and this cannot be hindered by rationalists who seek for solid proof. As the times go by, Astronomy- Astrophysics- Medicine- Astrology- Theology- Geometry tend to merge into one Science, the Science of Life and that is because what we define as Divine has scientific and metaphysical form.

Master Hilarion will help Greece reestablish the status of truth and the resourcefulness and vision of Greece will be supported by His Ray!

We send you our blessings to receive the call of His Teachings!