Malamatenia Kaintatzi was born in Crete in 1976. She started her research on Reiki from an early age in order to deal with an autoimmune, chronic health problem. Her health rehabilitation appeared instantly after two Reiki healing sessions. This motivated her to study and research a variety of healing techniques. She has been healing people who suffer from various conditions since 2004, having more than 3000 healing sessions in her record.

Her trips to India, Thailand, Tibet and Europe opened her path to Spirituality and specialization on healing and teaching. Her contact with Great Masters and her training on Healing made her a professional healer. She is the only representative of the advanced crystal healing system called Atma Crystal Healing and Magnet Healing in Europe. As a 7th row Reiki Master of the Great Master Mikao Usui’s Lineage, she keeps the Reiki Ray pure and the level of healing training strictly traditional, as it has been imparted to her, including all healing techniques.

Her continuous research on alternative healing, the use of the Sacred Geometry, Crystal healing, Feng Shui and other knowledge, eventually  led her to a balanced and harmonized approach of  space and individual healing by creating the Feng Shui Energy Pyramid (in 2005). The Feng Shui Energy Pyramid is placed in a building, room, house, office etc in order to heal the energy flow of the building, the aspects of life and the health of people who live in it.

Furthermore she is the founder of ”Hilarion” Healing and Research Center in Kifisia, Athens, Greece. The Research department of Hilarion Healing Center organizes seminars in Sacred locations, archaeological places, Ancient temples etc and thus the ancient secret and hidden knowledge reemerges.

In 2012 she was given a Great Teaching by Master Hilarion called Energymental Healing and Science. It was an unexpected gift initially followed by the inner conflict and doubt of her rational thinking mind regarding the ability of a person to receive knowledge from other spheres and invisible Masters. Eventually though, the Teaching was absorbed with great acceptance and gratitude. Energymental Healing consists of various ancient Teachings (from Ancient Greece, India, Egypt etc ) with the 7 Rays of Creation being the main source and composing each and every seminar, aiming to the awakening and healing of our western complicated world.

Her personal work and the one the students of Energymental Healing in combination with the inner need of the knowledge to be manifested, prompted her to create the World Servers’ Team that consists of more than 60 members, some less active, while others really disciplined and hard-working. The World Servers’ Team serve Higher Teachings and Ideals and organise group healing sessions and other activities for the benefit of the country and the whole planet as well. Her work is known to many countries since she has students in America, Ireland, Switzerland, Egypt, China, Italy, Germany, Romania, Belgium, England and all over Greece.

Also, through Hilarion Research Centre she keeps doing research on the causes of sicknesses. Her research on the effect of perfumes on the nervous system has motivated her to study the flowers and herbs. She was given an Aromatherapy and  Herbal therapy certificate by the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and has been creating healing aura and space sprays for more than 10 years.

She was inspired by the following Teachers in Meditation, Healing, Feng Shui etc:
Yosef Yu (Feng-Shui Astrology), Eva Junghans 6th row Master (Reiki 3rd Degree),  Stathis (Lama) Liakopoulos (Meditation), Dalai Lama (Buddhist Philosophy Eight Principles of happiness, meditation, India) Brilakis Emmanuel (Reiki 1st-2nd Degree Crete), Dr Akanni Navarat (Magnet-healing, Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry, Tao, meditation, Thailand), Lama Khentrul Rinpoche (Bardo Thodol, Kalachakra Tantra).
Spiritual Teachers: Christ consciousness, Mikao Usui, Master Hilarion and the Ascended Masters, Osho, Satya Sai Baba.