The Maha Gym is a spiritual system of exercise of the physical body including exercises which work on the physical muscles and the etheric body of the chakras at the same time.

Although the physical working out is easily understood, the Maha Gym offers deep awareness of the relationship among the bodies and the relationship between muscles and chakras, connecting in this way the physical exercise with the empowerment of the aura, the organs and the glands.

The Maha Gym is of average difficulty and covers the whole body. The program lasts 1 hour and it peaks with more spiritual, free expression of the body, along with music.

The idea of the Maha Gym has come to Malamatenia Kaintatzi after her personal need to work out in a different way, giving a strong motive to deal with the body in a spiritual way.

The program is also for beginners. However, it is more focused on Energymental Healing practitioners, giving deeper understanding of every exercise in combination with the teaching the have received.


The Maha Gym offers:

  1. Physical awareness cultivation
  2. Gland stimulation and inner organ function harmonization
  3. Fat burning and gradual achievement of the weight
  4. Muscular strengthening
  5. Physical toxins removal
  6. Energy toxins removal (emotions, thoughts)
  7. Chakra function improvement
  8. Endorphin secretion
  9. Easy adaption of the program in everyday life.
  10. Fast discharging of aura from heavy energies
  11. Stress removal
  12. Excellent and complete preparation for meditation.
  13. Fast oxygenation due to the combination of movements with dynamic breathing.
  14. Collective perception cultivation
  15. Self-confidence increase
  16. Self-expression cultivation
  17. Improvement of Energy flow through the meridians
  18. Clairvoyance cultivation (motion, space, body, energy)