Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Energymental Healing is an authentic, complete energy healing and personal evolution system. Its higher purpose is both spiritual development through energy-psychosomatic harmonization and treatment of various ailments through a wide range of healing applications.

Energymental Healing is a revolutionary energy healing system that works on the etheric and mental body simultaneously. Actually it is a kind of energy-psychology that promotes high levels of vitality and completeness by balancing the energy centers and energy bodies.

Although Energymental Healing is a highly advanced healing system, even a beginner can experience the healing power of the energy within him and during the seminar everybody takes the guidelines on how to apply Energymental Healing safely. Energymental Healing is for everybody, it can benefit everybody no matter his age, nation, or religion. Health practitioners, doctors, physicians, nurses and all kinds of therapists – alternative or not – can benefit and make their life easier by applying Energymental Healing.

Energymental Healing can be used for all conditions and ailments of the new age. It can be successfully applied on all kinds of ailments of the physical body and also on psychological ailments. Especially at Energymental Therapeutics seminar the protocols given are very specific for reaching the source of any health problem. However we should not forget that a kilo of prevention equals a ton of therapy

The basic mechanisms are two. The first are the changes that the practitioner experiences in his energy structure and content. Through these changes, meditation and self-healing have a deeper effect.

The second mechanism is through the material of personal practice offered, which concerns all the life sectors of the individual giving him the opportunity to improve all the dimensions of his life.

Energymental Healing offers you the opportunity to improve rapidly your health and the quality of your life. It can give you power, healing and success, but it has not been born for the individuality. The higher purpose of Energymental Healing is Service through healing; offering ourselves to Service is the highest way to fulfillment and completeness.

Energymental Healing is not a religion or a kind of organization. It can be applied and taught to everybody no matter their religion.

The 7 Rays are the 7 Cosmic forces – energies. The 7 creative forces of the Universe.Through the keys given in Energymental Healing, the 7 Rays can be easily absorbed for balancing and healing.

The training never ends. Ever if the training from the physical teacher ends, your level of evolution will attract the attention of an Ascended Master and Teaching from higher spheres will be opened to you.

The 8 weeks seminar give the practitioner the opportunity for deeper understanding of the Teachings, proper absorption of the Energy and observation of the effect of the Rays in their daily lives.

Although this seminar lasts 8 weeks, the real time needed for the absorption of the energy and Teachings differs from one person to another. Thus, many students choose to repeat the same seminar frequently.

Planetary Service is a methodical ceremonial act where, specially trained healers project healing energy on the dis-harmonies and situations manifested on the planet, following the Guidance of the Higher Plan.

The Etheric Structures are structures of Sacred Geometry placed on the Etheric body for the faster and more dynamic development and evolution of the practitioner in the new Aquarius era.

The Ascended Masters are perfect Enlightened humans of the past from various traditions who have chosen to serve the humanity and teach them how to get to Enlightenment. They also lead cosmic forces being able to change the destiny of the Earth according to the Higher Plan.

Theosophy is the theoretical part of the Creation of the World, of the Gods and all beings while Theurgy is Gods Work in practice. Theurgy gives to Theosophy a specific and practical knowledge that can be applied on the field of the incarnated self. In that way Energymental Healing combines Theurgy with Theosphy, the two aspects of God, Theory and Practice.

After having completed the seminar 7 Rays and the Masters the practitioner is ready to join the World Servers’ team and attend their meetings. The purpose of these meetings is training, practice, meditation, mass-healing and Planetary Service. Every meeting is a chance to refresh and empower the connection with your soul and other servers’ souls.

The practical part of Energymental Healing is secret as it is given through initiations only to those who are present. The Masters keep the keys so as the practical part of the Teachings is available only to those who are devoted to service and healing.

The high vibrations of the seminars demand from the beginner inner purification at all levels. Along with the student’s intention to make an effort for this clearing, the Teachings that he will receive on these subjects will be deeper and more easily understood. These commitments help the body and the soul experience the changes of evolution in the easiest possible way, facing less challenges.

The Maha Mantra are the key words given in the initiations by the Ascended Masters for our connection with the 7 Rays and Energymental Healing. It is the most important technique for self-healing and empowering the contact with the 7 Rays.

Mental evolution combined with spirituality and higher values is what our planet needs. Energymental Healing upgrades the individual and offers Freedom and Truth for the Healing and Joy of life. Master Hilarion offers through Energymental Healing the Wisdom, Work and Love of God in a metaphysical logic, metaphysical Truth, the complete science, Energymental Healing and Science.

First of all, by inspiring them through your own transformation. Also through counseling, through healing sessions, distant healing, service and by guiding them to join the wonderful spiritual path of Energymental Healing and Science.

Certification is provided by Hilarion Healing and Research Center in Athens (Hilarion’s small Ashram) signed by Malamatenia Kaitantzi, founder of the Center and channeler of Energymental Healing.

Hilarion’s small Ashram in Greece is a Healing and Research Center and Academy, based on Hilarion’s Teaching and other methods of natural healing. Located in a green wonderful suburb of Athens (Kifisia) it hosts both individuals healing programs and seminars.

Energymental Natural Clinic Academy is a project based on Hilarion’s Plan for the creation of a new health system in a building in which Sacred Geometry will be empowering and promoting natural healing. Energymental Natural Clinic Academy is a clinic for healing, teaching and preparing the individual.

To become a professional Energymental Healer you have to attend at least the 8 following seminars of Energymental Healing:


Energymental Healing can be combined with any energy healing system on condition that they have pure connection. Though, the practitioner may observe that the energy of the Rays usually prevails.