Why Energymental Healing?


Energymental Healing is a path of evolution and healing with practical knowledge and techniques which are necessary for any practitioner in our demanding era. It is a way of living focus on health in all sectors. Whether the conflict has to do with the body or the relationships,finances, career etc Energymental Healing invades any mental disharmony giving modern and essential applications for a better quality of life.



Energymental Healing gives the practitioner all the tools, the techniques, the knowledge and the connection he needs to become a very powerful healer.

But that is not where it stops. The Teachings of Energymental Healing give mental strength and a new philosophical background, a new worldview making the practitioner see life and its phenomena from another angle.

Thus, complicated situations become simple and unsolved problems are just solved since the practitioner gains deep understanding of the cause and the result.

The continuous Energy upgrade of the practitioner in combination with this new worldview lead him closer and closer to the perfect health, absolute happiness, pure blessing!

The participants of Energymental seminars and meditations when trying to describe their experience, they talk about radical changes, beautiful, revitalizing and transforming experiences. It is really hard to find words to describe such experiences that are experienced through energy. However, about the question ”Why Energymental Healing?” it is important to understand that Energymental Healing fits in the western way of living making it more pleasant and creative.


As a Healing Method


It is a pioneering system that purifies recordings that could even come before our birth and models conserved during lifetime that hinder the individual from being fulfilled. Beyond the purification of all these beliefs and mental recordings, the next step is healing the organs and the body. When a great burden has been removed from the mental and emotional sphere of the individual, then the therapeutic schemes will support any condition or illness.

The advanced healers (3rd Level) can offer specialized healing support for a vast range of conditions that has to do with:Endocrinological system

  • Nervous system
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Immune
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Skin diseases
  • Psychological – Psychiatric conditions
  • Addictions
  • Chronic diseases
  • Reproductive – Urinary system etc

However, one does not need to suffer from a health problem to have a healing session. Everyone benefits from the energy clearings increasing their vitality levels, keeping mental and emotional strength high in a healthy body.



As a self-healing method


From the first contact with Energymental Healing self-healing begins. All the participants of the seminars claim that just the participation itself is a deep self-healing experience. Self-healing goes even deeper when one applies daily the meditative and energy techniques that he learns.

The energy perception of the aura and the energy centres give the practitioner only one alternative: to care for keeping in a good energy condition the part of himself that until now he did not know or could not even imagine it existed.

Energy detoxification is a steady and constant process, pushing the practitioner to higher vitality levels, wellness and prosperity. With Energymental Healing health can be unlimited!

As Energy Psychology


The purpose of Energymental Teachings is to project new data in the brain so that mental functions will be completed without struggle and with less waste of time due to false beliefs.

The empowered words used are keys that lead deeper and deeper to the gates of the unconscious making the present more clear.

The energy of every empowered word triggers and gives an order to the nervous system through the sensor organs to induce the desired healing result, removing and dissolving mental and energy blockages.

The matters of the Soul are now filtered by the Energetic Mind that literally dwell in brain cells offering freedom from any kind of psychological imbalance. What we define as Energy Psychology is the contact with the soul and not the theory about the soul. We do not try to find the perfect definition about the invisible immortal part of us, we experience the soul in our practices and this is the essence of the term SOUL.


Improving daily life


When a person enters the path of psychosomatic and energy balance, his life changes automatically. Beyond having more energy, more clarity and better mood, which are necessary to boost ones creativity and evolution, he also gains tools with which we can literally build his reality.

Since health is not only about body and energy but all our life sectors, we should mention the improvement of our relationships with others, of our finances, the achievement of our goals and the improvement of other simple things in life such as out diet. This can be achieved through the techniques of the seminars: Energymental Prosperity and Energymental Nutrition.


As a path to evolution


Although Energymental Healing promises much more than personal benefits, a practitioner can absorb all the knowledge for his personal evolution and the understanding of the Universe. Usually though, the techniques and this knowledge will push him to collective actions.

In the beginning, everybody starts with the motive of personal evolution, but in the end when inner wisdom awakens, the inner force of knowledge leads us to the improvement of the world around us.

Note that in Energymental Healing evolution is not just a long-terming promise. On the contrary it is a very fast system since during the training the energy physiology of the energy centers expands through energy structures of new energy centers, which is necessary for a successful living in our times. We understand this deeper in the seminar Energymental Diagnostics where the structure of energy centers is analyzed and also the geographical and racial differences of the human energy fields.





As a Science


For all the skeptics who might wonder how we use the word science since Energymental Healing is based on energy and energy is something we cannot see, science is not only about things we can see. We cannot see electricity but we take advantage of it. Electricity is also invisible but we can see the results of its function. The same goes for the healing energy which may be invisible to common people, but everybody can experience its benefits.

Energymental Healing is an advanced energy healing system and energy healing is entering more and more in hospitals and clinics all over the world. However, Energymental Healing gives access to energy physiology and psychology that makes it a necessary tool for a perfect health system.

A wide range of healing cases and personal experiences of patients is the proof of the authenticity of Energymental Healing. Since though in science things are not random, behind the successful healing applications there are rules, logic and technology. A science everybody can benefit from.


Superior to all sciences is the experience.