The Benefits of Meditation


The benefits of Meditation

Meditation is as ancient as the man. Its miraculous benefits have made it a subject of scientific and medical study. Many kinds of doctors, physiologists,  neuroscientists and many other scientists have conducted experiments, theses and research trying to approach this primordial higher human function, which has been practiced  traditionally by many people, in order to achieve longevity and quality living.

Energymental Healing contains a complete meditation system offering the benefits of meditation, which has been structured based on knowledge given by Great Masters of the past and certified by today’s scientists.

Some of the benefits of Energymental Meditation are the following:

Higher Active Self cultivation
Relaxation and mental serenity
Stress and insomnia elimination
Improvement of concentration
Fulfillment sense cultivation
Higher emotions development
Upgrade of mental functions
Inspiration of higher ideas
Human relationships improvement
Cultivation and development of energy field
Protection and empowering of aura
Creativity increases
Mood improvement
More effective handling of demanding situations
Goal achievement, prosperity
Energy centers development
Upgrade of healing skills
Control of thoughts
Control of addictions and gradual healing
Intuition, clairvoyance, insight cultivation
Liberation from negative models
Gradual healing of childhood traumas
Cultivation of union with the Soul

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