Samos Divine Math Retreat


The Mystical school of Pythagoras and the mysteries of numbers compose this journey to the island of the Great Mystic. Although the Pythagorean system has many secrets, we are going to reveal the following:

1 The connection between Zeus, Hera and Pythagoras
2 How they are related to the island of Samos
3 The mystery of the wedding between two Gods
4 The music of the spheres.

At an individual level, the gate of Pythagorean Numerology will also open for you, leading you to deep understanding of the self, of karma, of the individual destiny and the willing of the soul. Also we will be given our Universal code!

There will also be some energy work at Hera’s temple and hiking to the cave where Pythagoras secretly gave teachings to his students.

We will stay in a hotel in Karlovasi which will provide us with a hall where the seminar of Pythagorean Numerology will take place.

Pythagorean Numerology

  • Complete training on the Art of Numerology
  • Analysis of Pythagoras’s Methods
  • Analysis of the 6 Personal Numbers
  • Symbolisms
  • Techniques of prediction and use in every day life.
  • Printed notes will be provided.

The hotel is located close to wonderful beaches that we will be enjoying during our stay.

Book your seats :(0030) 2114019724, 6934531919.

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