Beginners Program


If you have decided to enter the path of Energymental Healing, there is a suggested program so as to gain the bases needed in the right moment. So, you will learn the rules of the energy field and will gradually awaken the unknown dimensions of your existence, safely. If you already have some previous experience in the field of energy healing and meditation, there is still a good chance to get to know the genuineness and uniqueness of Energymental Healing. Since the seminars are 100% experiential – initiating, they prepare one by one the bodies of the practitioner by instilling certain etheric structures, offering an evolutionary leap. These structures are necessary for a practitioner to get to the advanced seminars. However, you should take under consideration that Energymental Seminars do not start from the basis… it is a system that enters the crown and forehead center from the very beginning as it comes into contact with the mental body of the practitioner in such a way that puts the material in order for adaptation to be achieved. Then, he understands that gradually everything will be connected simply and logically and so his everyday life will become Energymental.

The beginning seminars are the following:


1st Level of Energymental Healing

2nd Level of Energymental Healing

The order of the seminars is the suggested one and does not have to be strictly followed. For the Awareness and the 1st Level Seminars there are no prerequisites or limitations. To attend a seminar of the 2nd level one does not have to have attended all the seminars of the 1st level. However, for the seminars of the 2nd level, vegetarianism and abstention from smoking and drugs are necessary.