Aspiring Healers


Who can be trained on Energymental Healing?

Everybody, regardless their age, occupation, religion, nationality can attend Energymental Seminars and become an Energymental Healer and Consultant. For those who want to deepen into the training and the practical applications, Energymental Healing offers everything they need to start a career.

Someone may try and cultivate many arts and change career once or even more times! This is usually the same to healers as well, who either have another profession simultaneously or choose to be completely devoted to healing.

In ancient times healers had a high position in society and were honored for their work. Nowadays the world of technology seeks for evolution through a machine or a drug forgetting about the human factor. They focus on the symptom, the microbes, the viruses and do not go further to look at picture holistically.

The holistic has been, is and will be a necessary occupation in the world of healing and evolution.

The criteria here are not the diplomas or the certificates, but the powerful Soul that seeks good and studies all the means to achieve healing through every word and action.

The Virtues and the will to gain even more, certify a successful Healer who can bring change upon the people around him.

The aspiring healer has to pass through the stage of transformation and leave behind habits and addictions that do not reflect virtue and firm ethos!

If the practitioner cannot change his negative habits and attitudes then he will not be able to change the life of anybody.

A healer though, changes everybody's life!

When somebody calls him the change has already happened, this is the way it works!